I get it — I’m an introvert with anxiety and it doesn’t make sense that I love speaking…but I do. I feel honored whenever I can share my story and connect with others so that they feel less alone with their struggles. I always include lots of Q&A time because I want to have a real conversation and dig into the good stuff together. I particularly love talking about topics such as redefining success, finding your own authentic voice, writing craft, mental wellness, and my new book NOT JUST ME: Anxiety, depression, and learning to embrace your weird. I also lead Prose & Pose weekend workshops on writing and yoga – where we do a deeper dive into creativity, passion, and movement. 

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"Her stories are poignant and heartfelt, with a biting and humorous candor." 
– Kyle Lince, Mohawk Valley Community College


"Absolutely outstanding. WriterHouse would be thrilled to have Lisa teach here again"
- Sibley Johns, Executive Director, WriterHouse


"The perfect balance of emotional connection and practical insights."
- Patti Murphy,  Executive Director Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa Charitable Foundation


"My students were spellbound as she candidly shared bother her triumphs and failures, in a manner that was both riveting and profoundly honest."
– Steve Franco, Director Theatre Glenvar High


“The kids are so proud and honored to have met Lisa and many of my students say she is their role model and has inspired them." - Jenny Camenga, School Counselor, Marathon High School


“She’s articulate, she’s smart, she’s funny, and she’s genuine, warm and friendly. But most of all, she has a story to tell.“
– Donna Talarico, Founder and Publisher, Hippocampus Magazine


Examples of speaking topics & workshops

Embrace Your Weird: from anxiety to authenticity

Many of us are afraid to talk about anxiety, depression and panic attacks - it’s about time we change that. This talk is a deeply personal exploration of mental health, told with compassion and humor. It’s a hopeful, entertaining and enlightening look at the root causes of anxiety, the results of the latest research and ideas for how to manage stress in your own life.

Redefining Success: write your own script

What happens when you have everything you are supposed to want, but you still feel hollow? The red carpets and fancy parties were no substitute for the happiness and passion that were clearly missing from my life. I discuss my career in LA, and through my story of choosing a different path, I encourage others define their own versions of a successful life. 

Authentic Creativity: for writers and creators of all kinds

We all have the ability to be creative, but we can sometimes get caught up with the momentum of everyday existence. How do we create meaning in our lives and our work in a way that feels truthful? This talk discusses ways to invite the simple beauty of creativity into your daily life, how to dive into your inherent creativity and embrace your unique voice.

Clips from my talks

2018 Events:

January 8 – February 5

Yoga for Anxiety – 5 week series at Common Ground

February 26 – April 2

Yoga for Anxiety – 6 week series at Common Ground

March 17

Yoga and Meditation for Stress Relief at ACAC

March 21-25

Virginia Festival of the Book. Charlottesville, VA

April 16 – May 21

Yoga for Anxiety – 5 week series at Common Ground

March 30 – April 1

Prose & Pose Workshop @ Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Yoga and writing for anxiety retreat  – Lennox, MA

April 21

Meditation for Families: University of Virginia, Ryan White Clinic

May 3

Speaking event and book signing at Mohawk Community College. Utica, New York

June 23

Prose & Pose Workshop @ Rebel Soul Yoga!

Yoga, meditation, and writing for anxiety –  Oak Island, NC

September 6 – 9

Writing and Wellness Yoga retreat – Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC

September 28-30

Prose & Pose Workshop @ Yogaville

Yoga and writing for anxiety retreat – Buckingham County, Virginia

October 7

Poetry, Prose & Pose Workshop @ Common Ground Healing ArtsCharlottesville, Virginia

October 18 - 22

Expedition Balance Veteran’s Retreat Therapeutic writing and trauma-informed yoga classes. Houston, Texas.